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  9. Ja, ich glaube schon. Und das Drehbuch zum rekonstruierten Stück des schottischen Nationalhelden Edgar William Wallace: Der MixXa – Kirchenfürst, Knechter, Kinderkritiker. Das schließt – soweit ich weiß – lose an den Goldenen Nazivampir von Absam 2 an, quasi als Prequel und nach neuesten Gerüchten ist Uwe Boll als Produzent im Gespräch!

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  11. Lo Iab???Credo che la vera cultura sia in noi stessi, sul modo di catalogare i nostri successi e insuccessi a seconda degli anni e dei cambiamenti.Sono d’accordo su quello che scrivi nel post, infatti bisognrebbe discutere fra colleghi di diverse agenzie di tutto, senza invece presentarsi a convegni come lo IAB mettendosi in mostra solo per i successi.Non impariamo nulla così…e gli ospiti dei convegni lo sanno che non è sempre tutto rose e fiori per chi presenta le sue case history.Fabri

  12. heb je gemist! Was je met vakantie?Juf Greet is eerder die dag in het zonnetje gezet, op twitter, het Haarlemsdagblad, door citytweet en vast ook door de kindertjes in het dorp. Tegen de tijd dat de ambulance uitrukte wankelde juf Greet, lichtelijk dronken van geluk richting huis, zo stel ik me voor..

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  14. I’m a product of the 40s. My dad taught me to use the proper tools to sharpen & set the kerf. Proper maintenance is the key to longevity of any saw. No matter where I look, nobody sells the tool to set for a proper kerf. I know you are likely on good terms with the manufacturer. Is it possible to ask if they have or will consider offering a tooth set tool. With the replacement blades running over $10, the tool would be a better buy than multiple blades. IMO. Thanks for a great review !

  15. JM: I am guessing you never want to see another picture of WIlma Rudolph again. Because that is positively horrifying. But at least you caught it.Meanwhile (on a related note) my friend just sent out bar mitzvah invitations. I do not have the heart to tell her that the postage is going up, so some of those reply cards might not make it back. Something tells me she’s going to be making a lot of phone calls.

  16. tive relações sexuais com meu namorado na noite do dia 16 pro dia 17 de dezembro eu falei pra ele que sem camisinha não rolava, só que ele me mostrou a camisinha e aparentou colocá-la só que ele não tinha colocado, mas eu achei que tinha, pois o quarto estava escuro e eu não me certifiquei disso ele conseguiu colocar o pênis dele na minha vagina durante uns 4 segundos, se teve penetração ou exagulação eu não sei, pois não senti nada, posso eu me preoculpar com a possibilidade de uma gravidez?

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  19. Sara Vidarsdotter skriver:Färgen på ögonen beror på vad dom dricker. Dricker dom människoblod får dom röda ögon och dricker dom djurblod får dom gyllene ögon. Fast alla nyfödda har röda, oavsett vad dom dricker. När dom är hungriga har dom svartare ögon.

  20. its quite reasonable, i mean the price, with seafood and stuff, its actually quite cheap. the prawns looks nice, and to be honestly speaking, till this day, i still have no idea how to eat a mantis prawn.

  21. I like using tarragon with chicken. I actually like it in my clam chawder too…so maybe it's a creamy thing that it works so well with. I like getting these spur of the moment dinner ideas! It looks wonderful!

  22. I wonder sometimes whether we hold memories of places based on ancestral memory … the sensation you receive when visiting places your ancestors lived and saw and experienced but seen by you for the first time … sure the covering of the landscape may have changed, trees cleared or hillsides terraced but the basic structure … the shape of the land … will be largely consistent … do we carry maps of our ancestral land around in our heads? I wonder.But then, as you say I may have just watched it on TV

  23. should have been chucked in the bin of history long ago.  As the controversy spreads, World Vision can’t avoid debating these policies with their supporters and critics. Will next January see World Vision

  24. I wondered the same thing, given the shit my old mother in law had to go through to get the pension. She arrived here from Scotland when she was sixteen, but had worked over there for a couple of years to help support the family. That for some reason caused a problem, even though she didn't apply till she was 75.

  25. What a great idea! Whenever we travel, we try to eat at the local restaurants instead of the chains. I am headed to the Downtown Farmer’s Market this Saturday and excited to get some local products there as well! Looking forward to your posts about this – I would love to know more about the local businesses in Utah and Salt Lake County.Taralyn Parker recently posted..

  26. My son and daughter-in-law gave me this bag for Christmas. They told me this was the first gift they bought because I have been an active Relay for Life team member for several years and they thought about me. I have not had breast cancer, but have family members and friends who have. They are fighting the fight.

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  28. Ó Lucrécio,o comunismo é a pior coisa que alguma vez pode ter existido. Destruidor da propriedade privada,violações dos direitos humanos… basta ver o que aconteceu aqui em Portugal no pós 25 de abril,pessoas no Alentejo ficaram sem as suas propriedades… Se não gosta de viver num país capitalista emigre para Cuba ou para a Coreia do Norte.

  29. Great post Josh! I’m looking forward to getting the book. I read this right before an audition tonight, so YAY!!! That helped. Loved the class and am saving up money to come back. It helped me with acting AND with life. Thanks, and much love, Krista

  30. AlneisyLes palestiniens ne subissent rien puisque le Hamas a été démocratiquement élu. Il faudrait juste qu’ils assument un peu plus les conséquences désastreuses de leurs attitudes totalement irresponsables.

  31. Les perdants sont les Israéliens ?J’en doute, leur économie progresse de façon isolante, leur IDH est déjà supérieur à celui la France ainsi que leur espérance de vie et bientôt leur revenu par moyen par ménage.Il y a beaucoup moins de morts provoqués par le terrorisme et la guerre chaque année en Israël que de mort sur la route, (et rien ne prouve que ça va changer).Après je suis du même avis que vous, les Palestiniens sont bel et bien les dindons de la farce.

  32. old accounts that aren't being used anymore. if someone hasnt logged on for 2 years, their username should be deleted. this allows for other people to have that username. its so aggravating when the one you want is taken by someone who isn't even using youtube.

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  36. gracias por el apoyo. De momento estoy trabajando en la corrección de errores –que los hay, y muchos–, con la ayuda de Juan Manuel. Y también en publicar una versión en ePUB.Para la versión extendida estoy manejando varias opciones, y todavía no tengo muy claro cómo resultará. Pero que la habrá, la habrá ;-)

  37. Thanks, Jackie! I am still kind of amazed at what my body is coping with now. Yesterday I went out with a friend and walked around a gallery and all was fine – it was further than I would have walked in one go in a long time and I didn’t even fall into a limp. Totally amazing. I think this is going to be a good year xoxo

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  41. Dude, the food looks delicious. That’s my favorite chicken, clams, and sour pork. ゚Д゚ Love my Asian food, lol.Halo (Master Chief) cosplay is hands-down the best cosplay in the pictures, right up there with some of the good-looking Kamen Rider suits people manage to do right.That was a nice dance. xD

  42. "…this year's tournament will prominently feature Brazil and Argentina, soccer-mad nations who have won seven of the 19 FIFA World Cups…"What about Uruguay? Uruguay won 2 World Cups, as many as Argentina. Furthermore, Uruguay has won 14 Copa Americas, which is the most tied with Argentina. Brazil has only won 8 of them…come on now!!!Going for 15…vamo arriba la Celeste!!!

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  44. I just can’t believe how perfectly you captured the mood we wanted for our wedding. These are truly artful images – not your run of the mill wedding photos. I love the juxtaposition of our really ornate and fancy outfits with the dark and simple backgrounds. It’s just too perfect. I cannot wait to see the rest of the essay, my sweet! Joey – Chad and I love you!

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  47. Nikki, I just heard about Chevy’s death. I will be in shock for a while. She is missed greatly. A very sweet person who was on her own since her mother died. I remember Chevy from Belle Glade, FL. back in 1993. She was an excellent vocalist. At that time she had that trailer in Belle Glade off of SR 715 that she was renting to her cousin and some Jamaican dude. She was living with her grandmother then. I only knew her for a little while. May God bless her children & her family.

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  52. ad-Din Mijn opa leeft niet meer. Die heeft zich doodgelachen tijdens de Zesdaagse Oorlog. Staat er echt niets in de koran waarom Allah mijn voorouders over die van jou heen heeft laten lopen? Of kun je het niet vinden?

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